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Best Of The Best Credit Cards - American Express Centurion Card

American Express Centurion Card

  • Black Card: The Amex Centurion Card is known as the original "Black Card".
  • Composition: It is made from the metal anodized titanium.
  • Perks: Owners of this card receive extremely exclusive perks.
  • Fees: The initiation fee is $7,500 and the annual fee is $2,500.

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Best Of The Best Credit Cards - JPMorgan Palladium Visa Card

JPMorgan Palladium Visa Card

  • Composition: The card is made from palladium and 24K gold.
  • Perks: Great perks and similar pool of benefits as the Centurion Card.
  • Chase Only: Must be part of the private bank at JPMorgan.
  • Fee: The annual fee for the card is $595.

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Best Of The Best Credit Cards - Stratus Rewards Card

Stratus Rewards Card

  • White Card: The Stratus Rewards Card is known as the "White Card".
  • Jet Setters: It is great for those who must travel by private jet.
  • Perks: A cool perk is the occasional gift from luxury brands.
  • Fee: Annual fee of $1,500.

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Best Value Credit Cards - Citi Double Cash Card

Citi Double Cash Card

  • Bottom Line: 2.0% cash back on everything.
  • Cash Back: It is the best cash back credit card on the market.
  • No Categories: Owners of this card do not have to think about categories.
  • Fees: There are no annual fees and anyone can apply for this card.

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Best Value Credit Cards - Starwood Preferred Guest Card

Starwood Preferred Guest Card

  • Traveler: Best for the constant traveler who prefers Starwood properties.
  • Airline Points: The card is easy to convert to reward points programs at good rates.
  • Rewards: The rewards are Starpoints, which are good for free nights.
  • Fees: Annual fee is free for the first year ($95 thereafter).

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Best Value Credit Cards - Capital One Quicksilver Card

Capital One Quicksilver Card

  • Cash Back: 1.5% cash back on all purchases.
  • No Foreign Fee: No foreign transaction fee when traveling on any purchases.
  • Open: Anyone can apply since the card is not tied to a specific bank.
  • Fee: There is no annual fee.


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